Normally, 50 Cent is the one igniting beef or is threatening others. Now, it appears there has been some sort of role reversal, as Webbie is the one pressing 50 Cent. According to TMZ, Webbie is lashing out at 50 for owing him $1 million after losing a boxing bet back in April.

Back in July, Webbie had an interview with TMZ and was a bit perturbed considering 50 hadn't paid him his money after they made a bet (watch below). Now, Webbie is elevating things to the next level by taking his frustrations out on wax. According to TMZ, Webbie is sitting on an unreleased track entitled, "What I Been Thru." The track finds Webbie calling out 50 and labeling him a "bitch." He also rapped, "You owe me a million, don't make me come get it, I'm telling you I'm serious."

It's not looking to good for 50. First, Sleek Audio reportedly froze his accounts and now this. You gotta wonder how 50 is going to respond to this.


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