No Jumper podcast host Adam22, born Adam Grandmaison, had a gun pulled on him during a livestream from his Los Angeles store, ONSOMESHIT, on Sunday night (March 17).

The intruder, later identified as David Tran, has since been arrested and no one was harmed during the botched robbery. On Monday (March 18), The FADER confirmed with the LAPD that Tran used a movie prop gun and that Tran's since been charged with attempted robbery.

Video of the incident was uploaded onto Grandmaison's social media accounts, and you can see the gun pointed in the podcast host's face as the would-be robber shouts, "Give me all your fucking money, right now!"

Following a scuffle between Grandmaison, the intruder and an associate of Grandmaison's, Grandmaison told the viewers on his stream that the gunman was knocked out cold. The group later called police and had the man arrested.

Talking to TMZ following the incident, Grandmaison revealed that his team was prepared to retaliate against the intruder.

"That's the thing I'm thankful [about]," he said. "This guy didn't get killed cause it was really, really close to happening."

In reaction to finding out the gun was a movie prop, he told The FADER, "That’s crazy my friends were looking at the gun and they thought it was just old or broken or something."

Watch the incident and Adam's response below.

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