Atlantic Records has announced that they have discontinued their relationship with No Jumper podcast host Adam "Adam22" Grandmaison after a series of sexual assault allegations surfaced.

According to Atlantic's spokesperson, the record label has "parted ways" with Grandmaison, who landed a record deal for his No Jumper Records imprint in March. This comes after The Daily Beast recently reported new allegations of sexual assault.

The new accusations come from model Lauren Duck, who Grandmaison recently attacked on Twitter, in an exposé last October. After appearing on his No Jumper podcast last year, Duck apparently asked if she can crash at his home in L.A. with Grandmaison's girlfriend, Lena. Duck claims that they all went out to an after party and willingly popped Xanax with them while "extremely drunk." Afterwards, she describes the attack that allegedly occurred at Grandmaison's apartment.

“I’m not really aware of what’s going on," Duck said. "And then I remember we were sitting there, and I realize that I’m being videotaped, and I look up at Adam and I’m like, are you videotaping me? And he was like, yeah. And then I don’t remember anything else after that. He gave me drugs notorious for making people black out, had sex with me and then recorded it without my consent.”

Earlier this year, Grandmaison, who fired shots at Vic Mensa for dissing XXXTentacion a few months back, announced his partnership with Atlantic Records in an effort to launch his own label No Jumper Records. Shortly after the announcement, Pitchfork reported the accounts of two women who accused Grandmaison of sexual assault. Although the allegations had already made its rounds on the 'Net, his prior "accusations drew more scrutiny" after Atlantic gave him their co-sign.

“We take any allegations of this nature very seriously and we are looking into them," Atlantic's spokesperson told Pitchfork at the time.

Meanwhile, Adam22 has denied all the allegations several times. In response to the October exposé, Grandmaison told The Daily Beast that he, Duck and his girlfriend Lena had been taking drugs and alcohol “with the intention of all having sex at the end of the night.”

“Everything that happened that night was entirely consensual,” Grandmaison continued. “I filmed like 8 seconds of us having sex, she 100 percent knew I filmed it and I didn’t distribute it in any way although at some point she got the idea that I was ‘selling’ it.”

In an effort to get ahead of the story, Adam22 and his girlfriend recently published a YouTube video addressing the allegations and explained what happened with his Atlantic Records deal. Grandmaison said that the deal was only meant to last for a year. Contrary to The Daily Beast's report, he says he wasn't "dropped" due to the allegations.

"Yeah, my deal ended with Atlantic but it wasn't really based around any of the accusations or whatever," Adam22 said. "I had a one-year deal and it ended. I won't deny that it definitely made Atlantic kind of uncomfortable and made it kind of complicated for them to continue to work with me because of the fact that there were these lies being spread about me."

Watch Adam22 explain his side of the story below.

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