Eminem's prowess as a battle rapper played a direct role in his rise to stardom, so it's only right he's taking a trip to the world that made him a superstar—and we're not talking about a sequel to 8 Mile. Recently, Billboard reported the Detroit rhymer has linked with acclaimed music video director Joseph Kahn to produce a new film by the name of Bodied, a humorous look at the world of battle rap. Check out the trailer for it below.

The new film will use satire to examine battle rap and race relations in America. The cast of Bodied includes the likes of rappers like Loaded Lux, Disaster, Dumbfounded, and Hollow Da Don, and actors such as Anthony Michael Hall, Debra Wilson, Charlamagne Tha God, Alter Perez, Rory Uphold, Jackie Long, Callum Worthy and Shoniqua Shanda.

In the trailer, we see two young White men pondering upon the mysteries of battle rap before we see one of them engaged in a vicious battle with an accomplished rapper. It doesn't sound like it's going too well for him.

The film, which will work off a story developed by Kahn and battle rap champion-turned-screenwriter Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen, will premiere at the Toronto International Film festival in September.

As you can see, Em's been a really busy guy. The rapper's reportedly got a new album coming out, and he's even worked with 2 Chainz on some music. Now we know we'll also get the chance to see some of his creativity at work when Bodied is released during the Toronto International Film Festival, which begins on Sept. 7.

Peep the Bodied trailer below.

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