Ludacris making the switch from rapping to lounge singing? Based on his acoustic performance of his breakout hit "What's Your Fantasy" with The Roots on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, it may not be the worst idea. With a G0Pro camera capturing his every move, Ludacris sounds right at home over the stripped down production and kills his verses from his first smash. Check out the vid above.

With his eighth studio album Ludaversal out now, Luda has been making the press rounds and appeared on ESPN's Highly Questionable--a popular destination for rappers--for an interview that got a bit testy. Hosts Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones continued to bring up events from Luda's past that the rapper has moved on from. From his manager and T.I. fighting at the BET Awards; to his very public beef with Bill O'Reilly; to getting dropped by Pepsi as a result, Luda kept his cool for the most part but did begin an answer to one of the questions with, "Again, man, I love the fact that we're talking about stuff that happened 12 years ago. I gotta commend you on that. It's okay and I'll talk about it but from here on out can we talk about stuff that's happened in at least the last five years?" Though he was annoyed, Ludacris handled the situation with great poise. Check it out above.

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