If the Breakfast Club interview, the fashion show, the Grammys, the Saturday Night Live appearance and yesterday's (Feb. 25) debut performance of "All Day" weren't enough, you now have a new, in-depth interview with Kanye West to add to your docket. The rapper's sit-down with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe was fascinating. Kanye previously opened up to the host in 2013, during the promotional run for his sixth solo album, Yeezus. Lowe has made a name for himself as a go-to outlet for rap's biggest stars, having chopped it up with Jay Z about the Obama family and landing one of the more candid interviews with the famously private Eminem.

Kanye began the interview by discussing the last time he chopped it up with Lowe and the struggle to enter the fashion business. 'Ye reiterated that he wants all his collections and clothes affordable to be purchased by everyone ("Exclusivity is the new n-word. Nothing should be exclusive, everyone should be able to drink from the same fountain.") The most emotional part of the interview came when he was talking about his late mentor, fashion designer Louise Wilson. While talking about about the last time he was with her, Kanye broke down into tears. Another big moment was when Kanye declared Drake as the the hottest rapper out right now plus gave him some advice on his career.

"That shit is good, yo...He's delivering a level of product to humanity that is of high quality," said 'Ye. "80% of the time, works all the time. It works. That's it. I don't have any advice for this young man, but what I can say is, 'Run. Fly. Go as fast as you can. Don't stop. Any time I can be of any service, advice, whatever you need—confidential design advice, shoes you're doing over at the other company—anything we can collectively do to deliver more awesomeness to the world, as a team."

He touched on his new upcoming album a bit. "The College Dropout came out of a fight to rap, and this new album's coming out of a fight to design. It's a joyful noise onto the Lord...it's still a struggle, but beauty from the struggle," said Yeezy. Though he has yet to confirm a title or a release date, Kanye is evidently promoting his seventh solo album, a record that he has previously promised will be a more populist effort than the industrial, divisive Yeezus. He kicked off the new year with a pair of collaborations with Paul McCartney: "Only One," a tender ballad dedicated to his daughter, North, and "FourFiveSeconds," a gigantic pop number anchored by Rihanna. (The latter is expected to land on the "Disturbia" singer's forthcoming West-produced album.) At the debut of his Adidas fashion line, West played "Wolves," a Vic Mensa- and Sia-featuring song he indicated would be the first song on his upcoming album. Yesterday, he debuted "All Day," a menacing cut that features up-and-coming St. Paul rapper Allan Kingdom.

Watch the interview above.