Last week G Herbo unleashed Welcome to Fazoland 1.5 onto the world, and today he's back with a video promoting his 2014 effort Welcome to Fazoland and his newest project simultaneously. You can check out the promo clip, which is references his Welcome to Fazoland track "Write Your Name" in its title, below.

The brief new visual sees Herbo follow in the footsteps of "Write Your Name," paying homage to all of his fallen Chicago comrades. In the vid, we see the tattooed names of Herbo's fallen homies and vintage clips of he and his friends kicking it outside.

"To all my fallen squad/Write your name across the sky/While I flame one to the brain and gon' get high/And regardless of the pain I ain't gon' cry/Cuz I can never let no fuck nigga see me stuck nigga/Hustle hard for them bucks nigga," Herbo raps in the beginning of the song, which plays throughout the duration of his new promo clip.

It's a touching new visual that puts into perspective the viciousness of the street life Herbo continually references in his music. You get more of that perspective when you listen to his music.

Herbo's latest project, Welcome to Fazoland 1.5, is rife with his typically relentless energy and the sort of ferocious street-level lyricism that helped propel Herbo to his current status in the rap game. You can stream the new six-track project on Apple Music or cop it on iTunes now.

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