Heater alert. Warhol.ss and Ski Mask The Slump God reunite on "Ankle," a well-named slap released on Monday (July 30).

Over skeletal dance-floor production from Adrian Lau and Tony Seltzer, the SoundCloud spitters dish spastic punchlines about their styles and steady incomes. The goofy boasts and slinky groove lend the affair a silliness that suits both artists.

Even the hook's central image is a joke: cash-stuffed pockets so thick they somehow resemble ankles. In the first verse, Ski can't help but riff in similarly nutty directions, referencing Harambe, Snuggies and brand-name diapers in service of describing why he's dope. Warhol, meanwhile, focuses his energy on campy namedrops.

"Offset with the flex, got these niggas upset/Got 10 bitches, one jet, put that hoe on a stretcher/I be breaking bitches' backs like I put 'em on a stretcher/Undercover with a red nine on my dresser/Ric Flair, nature boy, I be runnin' with the realest/I be ballin' with the bitches, they call me young Skrillex," the Chicago rapper delivers.

The song is the duo's first collaboration since linking in May as featured guests on Kid Trunks' "Not Legal." Warhol and Ski also memorably teamed in 2017 on "Ouch."

Warhol's official debut full-length Chest Pains, reportedly completed earlier this year, is coming soon. Ski's mixtape Beware the Book of Eli dropped in May. You can read his XXL Freshman profile here.

Listen to Warhol.ss and Ski Mask The Slump God's "Ankle" below.

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