The Washington Wizards hired Wale to be their Creative Liaison last October for the 2014-2015 season. According to ESPN, "his role is to bring fun back to the Verizon Center." He was also hired to help with social media promotions and Wizards merchandise designs, among other things. For his first contribution to the Wizard apparel, the D.C native is enlisting the help of music and fashion mogul Kanye West.
"I want to be a shot in the arm to DC basketball," said Wale while speaking with ESPN The Magazine. "My job is to provide a spark, at all costs. I'm not going to do anything corny, but I'm talking to Kanye about designing new uniforms. I want to see the phone booth rocking every time I come here. I want to create the 'Lake Show,' create what the Bulls had. I want to take the personality of our stars—John [Wall], Otto [Porter], Marcin [Gortat]—and create what Kemp and Payton had, what LeBron and D-Wade had. That's the vibe I want."
The Wizards are currently 29-13. You can read the rest of Wale's ESPN piece here.