Wale had a lot on his mind during this morning's stop at "The Breakfast Club." The D.C. native didn't hold back during his hour-long interview as he gave his thoughts on everything from homosexuality in the music industry to Drake to the current status of MMG. Below are a few of the highlights:

On Meek vs. Drake: I just feel like, and this is me speaking as someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I honestly feel like [Meek] brought a pencil to a gun fight...You can't compete with someobdoy who has those types of relationship. I'm telling every one who thought Meek lost just off the strength of losing, it doesn't matter what he made, he could have made "Ether 3.0", the opinions of the people would have been that of the kid from Toronto waxed him. Drake went to Apple and my man went to Funk Flex--and there's nothing wrong with Flex--but we talking about Apple, breh. They heard Drake's joints all around the world. 

On "Hotline Bling" vs. "Cha Cha": I'd be mad, too. That was D.R.A.M.'s moment and there's really no silver lining in that...Drake can get away with it though, he's linked up with Apple, man!

On Past Management Deal: I loved [Roc Nation], they was good to me but I feel like they're energy was more directed to sports...I was there from the beginning and I knew that Rich Kleiman, who was handling my day-to-day, didn't have his heart in music anymore.

On MMG: We're not the unit we once was. I'm not gonna lie to you. It doesn't mean we're not cool, but every one has gotta do what they gotta do...There's people that Meek Mill hangs out with a lot that he knows I don't bang with. And that's fine, I don't ask no body to get in my beefs, it's not a problem, it's rap, there's no bloodshed going on out here.