Wale granted his fans wishes by releasing his highly-anticipated Shine album a week earlier than expected today (April 28), and he stopped by Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning show to promote the project. While sitting down with the radio hosts, the Washington D.C. native spoke on a slew of important topics that his fan base has been speculating over on social media.

At the 27:44-mark, Wale spoke in depth about his new album, and revealed that he actually wrote all of the songs for the tracklist on the spot. "Shine right now is just like different emotions, different feelings. You know, me having fun with what I do in the studio, having studio parties, writing on the spot. I wrote everything on the spot on this album. I didn't write nothing on a plane, or [anything]. I wrote it in the studio. I was in the moment. It was everything I felt for that day," he stated.

When host Peter Rosenberg mentions Wale's label, Maybach Music Group, around the 3:30-mark, the "LoveHate Thing" MC addressed his previous public fallouts with fellow label signee Meek Mill. "Everything is always good. It's just that...we young people are trying to figure it out," he shared. "We just trying to figure everything out. Sometimes that shit just go public. We just a family. You're gonna argue with your peoples. You have brothers and sisters in school, you're gonna argue in front of your friends."

At the 12:50-mark, host Ebro brings up a common topic that Wale has discussed in previous interviews about him "not chasing a sound" for Shine, to which the rapper reflected on his past work. "I didn't push the envelope sonically," he revealed. "I didn't step out of what is perceived to be my comfort zone. I don't think so. This one I stepped out of what people know me for. Some of these songs are ones that I probably would have wrote for somebody and gave, but I just kept it for myself."

We also got to know a different side of Wale, musically, as he talked about his newfound passion for music production at the 19:55-mark. "Now, I'm really starting to get into production. Now I'm hearing sounds, mixes, strings, arrangements and all of that. I gotta turn it off, because when I hit it, I hit it hard. Now I'm working on the go-go album and producing and all of that. So I'm hearing things. I'm coming up with ideas. I can't even chill. I can't even hear music in passing without thinking about something."

He even dropped a bomb, revealing that he is working with Pharrell on the project: "I'm working with Pharrell on that. We already started working on some stuff. I'm also working with UCB a lot. I've been talking to Backyard about some things."

It looks like fans will have much more to look forward to from Wale for the rest of 2017 outside of his new album, including his upcoming Shine Tour that kicks off next week.

Peep Wale speak on a slew of different topics with Hot 97 below.

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