There are always those tracks that artists are offered and ultimately end up passing on for whatever reason. It simply may not fit their image or they may too busy, but when it comes to Wale, it might just be downright depressing to record.

Responding to a Twitter post from @MissZindzi, who asked her followers about certain music facts and trivia they found surprising, Wale decided to put in his two cents and included surprising details about a couple of popular tracks. After enlightening his fans about his "Clappers" track having Timbaland on the hook's background, Wale went on to talk about Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's Grammy-nominated number "See You Again," a tribute song dedicated to the late actor Paul Walker. "I turned "see you again" down cuz it was way too sad for me to write," he tweeted to the shock of thousands.

Wiz and Charlie Puth have both seen a massive amount of commercial success off their collaborative effort. After seizing the No. 1 spot in the country back in April 2015 and becoming the first hip-hop music video to receive one billion views on YouTube, "See You Again" went on to grab a slew of trophies, most notably at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards for "Best Rap Song."

Funny enough, Wale is not the only rapper to turn down the song off the Furious 7 soundtrack. Eminem and 50 Cent were also offered to have their take on "See You Again," but they decided on another movie option. “At the time we had to make a decision between doing [the soundtrack for the boxing movie Southpaw] and the song for Fast & Furious. And ['See You Again'] was a huge success for Wiz Khalifa and them. [Eminem] decided to do Southpaw because he was invested in the project," 50 Cent explained during a radio interview in September 2015.

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