Wale and G-Eazy lust for the baddies on their new song "Fashion Week," a track that sounds like it was tailor-made for the runway.

The song finds the two MCs flexing their playfulness rather than their lyricism as their verses are loaded with little quips about the hedonism of the star-studded the Fashion Weeks. Wale starts things off with the first verse, rapping, "I know a thing/And she tell me fuck her call her a bad bitch/I can never cover, I'm stuck on this rap shit/Fuckin' up the budget but nothing but rap shit."

Next up is G-Eazy, the Cali wordsmith who isn't afraid to do the damn thing even in the in the most upscale of environments. "Hit Barney's and fuck up a check there/In the dressing room, fuck have sex there/"What's taking so long?" "Oh, she trying the next pair"/People see us everywhere and they just stare," he raps toward the end of his verse.

The two-part hook is equally playful, with Wale half-singing, "Walk by, on fire baby can't douse it/That body banging baby accept that." The second part of the chorus--which features the simple refrain, "Switch, gold, switch"-- is even more simple, and probably even more catchy.

The new track is all set to appear on Wale's forthcoming album, SHINE, which is due out at some point this year. You can listen to snippet of the new song below. You can stream the track on Apple Music.

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