After dropping two strong singles in “Round of Applause” and “I Don’t Really Care,” Waka Flocka is ready to unleash his sophomore album.

On Wednesday (March 21), Waka announced that he’ll be releasing Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family LP on June 12.

Waka is excited about the entire project, especially a song entitled, “Fist Pump,” featuring B.o.B.

When dropping his lead single, “O Let’s Do It” back in December 2009, Waka heard all the naysayers yapping about him not being able to string together anymore hits. Well after records like “Hard in da Paint,” “No Hands” and “Round of Applause,” nobody is questioning Waka’s ability to make a hit record anymore.

“I mix pop, rock and rap together,” Waka told about ‘Fist Pump.’ “I just wanted to make a victory song. First, they told me I was only good for one song, then two songs, then three songs, four songs, then five or six. I feel like “Fist Pump” is an ultimate victory song. It’s on some Jersey Shore shit.”

Flocka is also big on records like “You Ain’t About That Life” and “Power of The Pen.”

“I express different shit with the power of the pen,” the Brick Squad Monopoly rapper said. “It’s the power of the pen. That shit could change your life.”

And why did he choose friends, fans and family as the sticking points to his album title?

“That’s what I live by,” Waka continued. “The lifestyle I once lived, I could never go back there. If I could sum it up to a person, it’s about friends, fans and family. My family, is more personal [music], emotional shit. My friends is flexing, going to the clubs. The fans—what they love me for, partying, wild shit. I just mixed all three together and made a good album.”—Mark Lelinwalla and Ralph Bristout