Waka Flocka has given his thoughts on the 50 Cent and Meek Mill beef. In Waka Flocka's mind, 50 Cent has been doing great with the memes, but the Atlanta rapper feels that Meek Mill is actually dropping the best music in the beef.

"Yeah, when it comes to memes, 50 getting in that ass like a thong," Waka says in a clip that was captured and shared by DJ Akademiks. "But that music? That boy Meek flaming! I'm fucking with it."

While Waka Flocka's statement is not meant as any profound take on the state of rap beef, it unintentionally has become one. Waka Flocka essentially points out that modern rap beef is taking place through the use of memes instead of actual rapping.

Drake dropped disses directed at Meek Mill last year, but it was the memes and jokes being made online that truly swayed the public's perception of that beef. 50 Cent is operating in the same way. Meek Mill continues to drop actual records while 50 Cent simply responds with jokes.

It's basically the new way to make a person seem above a beef. By making jokes and not devoting his time to recording a proper diss record, 50 Cent creates a perception that Meek Mill is beneath him even as he continues to take jabs at Meek through social media. It probably won't make purists happy, but this seems to be the reality of rap beef in the modern age.

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