Ever since Gucci Mane was released from prison last year, the hip-hop community has been embracing his new appearance as well as his peaceful, healthy and positive mind state. While plenty of rappers have been praising his new outlook on life, some still have previous bad blood with him, including former Brick Squad member Waka Flocka Flame.

On the latest episode of The Therapist on VICELAND, Waka spoke candidly with Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh, following up his other notions about the beef, on why he will never be friends again with Gucci after their fallout.

Back in the early 2010s, the two were inseparable as they took over Southern rap, with the "Lemonade" veteran helping to mentor a rising Waka at the time. Unfortunately, fans were devastated to learn of their definitive split back in 2013 and their resulting beef.

Around the 8-minute mark in the below video, the "Hard In The Paint" entertainer hints at what went wrong between him and Gucci, and why he "ain't in my heart no more." Apparently, Gucci was once taken in by Waka's family, with the Flockaveli MC claiming Guwop lived with them for around three years. Being that Waka lost two brothers already, Gucci became an honorary sibling for the family, making their ties extremely close and personal. Waka claims their bad blood is the result of his rise during Gucci's incarceration.

"You can give people so much opportunity to make it right. But then they still try to make it seem like you the villain. You the hater. It's vice versa. But it's like, damn, do I get in position to fight back and tell him? I'm gonna look like a sucker. So it's like... everybody believe what they want, man. I'm getting money and I'm happy," Waka says to the host.

When Dr. Singh asks if Gucci doesn't want to face Waka, he gives a grim response on what would happen if that was ever set up.

"Nah, he don't. And I don't blame him cause I know he know what he up against. That man know what he did. Deeper than music, deeper than anything anybody can even imagine. When it's like that, it's personal. So I [thought] let me make me a record to show you that we'll never be friends. If you cross the line, it's gonna go to something different. I was more loyal to him than he was to himself," Waka explains.

Along with speaking on his broken relationship with Gucci, Waka also addresses some personal issues of his surrounding the loss of his two younger brothers. One of his brothers was first killed when Waka was in eighth grade after being run over by an intoxicated neighbor who was reportedly able to beat the case. The loss took a toll on Waka, causing him to build up a lot of anger over the years, which he explains is connected to the 2011 shootout he had with two cars outside of his tour bus.

"It just let me know I'm growing up in a world where it ain't equal. It just created a monster. I don't know who I was from 8th grade to being 26 [years old]. That was just a roller coaster," he explains of his behavior at the time.

Back in 2013, his other younger brother Kayo Redd ended up committing suicide, which devastated Waka and his family, including his mother/manager Debra Antney.

While the therapist brought up the idea that Waka has not accepted the deaths of his two brothers, the rapper nodded in agreement at the theory, speaking in detail about what loss has done for his mentality over the years and throughout his career in entertainment.

Watch the fascinating episode below.

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