Waka Flocka Flame took to Instagram to share a picture of his new hair color. The ATL rapper colored his locs red. In the picture the caption was simply "Torch." It also looks like he colored parts of his beard red. The new looks is pretty cool and will probably take some time to get used to for some. Remember when Wiz Khalifa changed his hair color to purple? Take a peek at Waka's new look above. Twitter had a lot of thoughts to share about the sudden change. Peep the reactions at the bottom.

The BSM spitta was in a bit of controversy recently. During a recent interview on Power 105′s The Breakfast Club, WFF spoke on the recent praise of Bruce Jenner by the media. “They’re marketing evil,” he said. “It’s really evil, dog…I am a God-fearing man, I’m not a religious man but c’mon man. I don’t have a problem with anyone’s preferences but putting it on TV, that’s crazy, man….You know kids watch a lot of TV so you can’t stop your kid from watching certain channels.” He later clarified his comments via Twitter, posting, “I have nothing against transgender people. I simply feel we need to be careful what our children see as ‘sensationalized.’” He also apologized for calling transgender people “evil.”

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