Legendary venues are a staple when it comes to American nightlife. Most were once home to dozens of Broadway acts—as was the notorious Studio 54 in New York City—and were reinvented into prominent celebrity dance clubs throughout the decades; Avalon Hollywood, right across the street from the historic Capitol Records building in California, is one of the few that held its ground and survived the countless name changes and scenery enhancements since its' doors first opened on Jan. 24, 1927. This year, on Friday (Jan. 26) to be exact, Waka Flocka Flame will grace the historic stage once again, and he guarantees to bring real Atlanta street music to his fans in LaLa Land.

Though Waka mentions Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit—where Eminem rapped during his come up days—as one of the livest places he's taken the mic, Avalon Hollywood holds a special place in his heart. "Performing at Avalon, man, that’s one of my favorite venues to perform at as an artist because when you go there, the energy’s so live, and mad people done performed in it," he tells XXL. "So just to take the room, and to know that you’re standing in the same vicinity as other well-known artists and legends, that shit just feel good."

Back when the Avalon Hollywood was know as The Hollywood Palace, acts like The Jackson 5 took the stage, which in turn propelled little Michael and his brothers into the some of the most famous stars of our time. In 2014, Waka hit the stage to perform for a jam-packed crowd of EDM listeners. Alongside DJ Carnage, the rapper proved he was one of the many performers who, like Mike, had made an impression of a lifetime.

This time around, Waka Flocka will be bringing out new artists on his Bricksquad roster to give the crowd an unforgettable performance. "I gotta artist out of New Orleans named Loudiene, your local shooter," says an amped Waka. "I got an artist on the Southside of Atlanta named Jimmy Rocket. I’m not playin', man. I’m just not fuckin playin'. Loudiene got energy like me. I swear I ain’t never meet a nigga with the same energy as me. And Jimmy Rocket? That lil nigga got bars; he like the Lil Wayne of Bricksquad."

With an entirely recreated stage performance, Waka is more than ready to share the new music he's developed for his long-anticipated Flockaveli 2 album. Cuts like "Big Dawg" and "Trap My Ass Off" are already making noise, but according to him, fans may get a chance to hear "mad unreleased shit at Avalon," including some tracks with longtime collaborator Zaytoven. "2018, man, I wanna bring back mean mugs," Waka shares. "I wanna bring back crunk shit. I just wanna bring back hip-hop. When you hear our shit you gon' be like, 'Oh nah, this shit street. This is hip-hop right here.'"

Waka Flocka is scheduled to perform during Avalon's weekly CONTROL club night series. To secure a ticket before Friday, head over to Avalon Hollywood's official website to make your purchase now.

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