After the term “club riot music” took a new meaning with Waka Flocka Flame’s Flockaveli in 2010, the Atlanta trap star aims to shut the party down with his latest mixtape, Benjamin Flocka.

Riding shotgun with DJ Teknikz and Love Dinero, the Brick Squad soldier attempts to reinvent the wheel, trading Flockaveli collaborator Lex Luger for in-house producer Southside, who attempts to emulate the anthemic anarchy of “Hard In Da Paint” on tracks like the brawl-worthy “Brick Squad Monopoly,” the guitar-driven “Young Nigga” guest starring Gucci Mane, and the strip club-ready “Pole.” Though the two are not able to mirror the match made on Flockaveli, the mixtape is able to provide a similar adrenaline rush.

Unfortunately, without Lexus’ concentrated insanity to mask, Waka’s klutzy raps are exposed throughout. “Clap” is a boring ode to greenbacks, while “Spazz Out” makes you want to do anything but, thanks to its lazy hook and anemic verses from Chill Will and P Smurf. It also doesn’t help that the 20-track mixtape is heavy on guest appearances from Brick Squad’s benchwarmers, who all struggle to make their shots count.

Where Flokaveli reformatted the party picture, Benjamin Flocka is simply disposable arts that only true Waka fans will enjoy. The rest will have to wait for his next offering. —Meka Udoh