Wack 100, best known for being The Game's manager, claims that Floyd Mayweather is not calling any shots when it comes to the Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown boxing match. Wack told TMZ that the fight would happen in Dubai, which Mayweather denied earlier today in an interview with ESPN (Jan. 11). Wack also said he's been doing all of the actual work to book the fight.

"We gonna take the fight to Dubai," Wack said. "Mike Tyson's definitely involved. I've had conversations through other people with Floyd. 50 Cent's not needed for the fight. Floyd's not needed for the fight. If the politics is right, we can talk business. At the end of the day, Floyd and 50 Cent ain't never gonna control nothing that's a West Coast situation... The Dubai situation, that's something I've been putting together. I already got paperwork on one of the fighters. Both them dudes, it's Piru business right now. Unfortunately, Wack 100 is position to do the same thing they can do."

Wack said that Mike Tyson was the only outside party actually involved in the fight. The veteran manager said 50 Cent is just using the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown feud to get attention while Mayweather has no business in it.

"Mike Tyson is directly involved, everybody else is just talking, having fun with the situation," Wack 100 stated. "Hopefully they can start respecting the situation because we really ain't playing with this over here. When I say we, I'm speaking for the West Coast as a whole - not only for my Piru comrades, my Crips comrades and anybody else who reps what we rep. Floyd, no disrespect, is a guy from Michigan that lives in Vegas."

All of Wack's statements are in stark contrast to what Mayweather said in his ESPN interview. The boxing star asserted that Mayweather Promotions was handling the fight and it would take place in Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Mayweather also expressed his desire to make it a charity event.

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