In a marginally surprising move last week, Kanye West announced that Tyga had joined his G.O.O.D. Music label, the two rappers connecting beyond their familial ties. Many questioned the move, wondering if nepotism had played a role in the decision, Tyga dating Kylie Jenner, Kanye's sister-in-law, though TMZ had reported that  “Kanye doesn’t take on ANY artist or project he doesn’t believe in personally.”

However, if Tyga needed any more supporters to validate his rightful place on the G.O.O.D. roster, he's received two in the form of Vince Staples and Tyler, The Creator, the California rappers sharing their excitement over the recent signing on Instagram. Staples got things started, posting Tyga's song "Ice Cream Man" off his Fuk What They Talkin Bout mixtape, which dropped in August of 2015. Tyler then commented on the post, writing, "Bruh I swear I'm the only one hyped about tyga on good music."  Except that he isn't the only one, with Staples replying, "These kids are losers lol don't know who they want to be or who they like."

The comments made by Vince and Tyler represent a backlash to the backlash, the notion being that Tyga is capable of hit records in his own right, and that detractors need to stop stressing his or Kanye's money. Check their comments below, with the news of Tyga's signing coming with a new track as well, "Gucci Snakes" featuring fellow labelmate Desiigner.

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