On Tuesday (June 13), Vince Staples hosted a Reddit AMA session, and what ensued was a barrage of dry humor from the Long Beach, Calif. rapper—and obviously a few personal revelations fans wouldn't have gotten otherwise. For instance, one fan asked Vince which album (besides his own) he's been listening to the most lately. His answer? Travis Scott's Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. He also said the hardest track he's heard this year is La Flame's "Guidance."

Elsewhere in the AMA, Vince took the time to address a few questions about his forthcoming Big Fish Theory album, namely its perceived electronic influences, which direction he'd be going with on his new project and how he deals with the "bullshit" in the music industry.

He responded with a list, writing, "1. I try to do everything different. Each project should stand on its own. 2.dont know I dont involve myself in those things. 3. Hip hop is electronic go listen to planet rock."

Vince also took the time to address whether he'd be doing a collaboration album with Earl Sweatshirt. The two worked together a good bit a few years ago, so more than a few fans have wanted to see them drop a joint effort. Vince says it isn't happening, though.

"You can only answer 'who you wanna collab with; and 'where's Earl Sweatshirt' questions so many times," Vince wrote on Twitter some time after his AMA. After fans asked him to text the nimble Cali lyricist, Vince did his fans a solid by uploading a text exchange with the reclusive MC.

Check out some of Vince's AMA responses and some tweets about it below. Big Fish Theory, which had its tracklist revealed just a few days ago, is all set to drop on June 23.


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