Vince Staples stopped by Power 106's The Cruz Show and got into a discussion about who is the best rapper alive. The Long Beach MC shared his outlook on how to qualify the best rapper alive before naming Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West as his selections for the top spot.

“Talking about all-time, we can say Michael Jordan is still alive, but he’s not beating LeBron James one-on-one. You talking about right now, it’s Kendrick. Easy,” Staples said around the 24:30-mark of the interview. “It’s not even close. Or [it is] Kanye.”

Staples also pushed back at host J Cruz's desire to put Eminem atop the best rapper alive list. The "BagBak" rapper laid out his reasoning for why Kanye is ahead of Eminem in such rankings.

“I’ma tell you why I would put Kanye over Eminem as far as the best conversation,” Staples said. “Because there’s not really many kids walking around saying, ‘I wanna be Eminem.’ [There was not a lot] who were dressing like him, walking like him. That clothing line wasn’t booming. I’ll give you the [blond] Caesar cut."

Staples is not afraid to give his assessment on anything from artists to basketball players. The West Coast rhymer recently teamed up with comedian Hannibal Buress to rate NBA tough guys. He also declared Tray Deee to be the best rapper to ever come out of the LBC during an interview with Nardwuar.

Watch Staples' entire appearance on The Cruz Show below.

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