The significance of a booklet or liner notes that come with a physical copy of music can be lost on a lot of the youth. It provided production and writing credits and sometimes contained personal stories behind each song like The Roots did with Phrenology. For Vince Staples, the booklet for Kanye West's The College Dropout helped him set the record straight that Consequence had rapped on the song "Spaceship" and not Rah Digga.

In a new episode of Complex's Everyday Struggle, Vince was sharing his thoughts on the whole album roll out process. He explained how people focus on the wrong things like who are the guest features and producers on an album, instead of the hard work and music put forth by the main artist. As a result, sometimes he thinks it's wiser to keep some information private so as to not detract from the overall album.

Although it could be used in an argument against him, Vince squeezed in an anecdote on how he thought Rah Digga was rapping alongside Kanye and GLC on "Spaceship," not Consequence: "I ain't have no money to go and buy people's CDs, iPods, Zunes, unless we confiscated it from somebody. We didn't really have that kind of stuff growing up. If I'm paying $10, $20 out of my momma money for something, I'm gonna listen to the whole thing. I'm finna open it up, read through the book, everything. Most my life, I thought Rah Digga was Consequence on 'Spaceship' because Kanye had nobody name on the thing. I thought Consequence was Rah Digga my whole life. It can take away from the experience sometimes, giving away too much."

Rah Digga, fighting through the sadness that is Prodigy's tragic death, thought the whole situation was funny pretty funny. "In the midst of my grief... the fact that Vince Staples thought Consequence was me on Kanye album... is legit the funniest shit ever," she said on Twitter.

Look out for Vince's Big Fish Theory to drop later tonight. You can watch Vince speak on album press runs below at around the 25-minute mark, as well as a short Twitter conversation between Rah and Vince.

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