Nef The Pharaoh is feeling festive. The Vallejo, Calif. rapper drops the video for his Christmas-themed track "Mistletoe."

A raunchy remix of an old X-Mas classic, Nef flips "Jingle Bells" into something more suitable for a randy 20-something. "Come blow me on the mistletoe/Bitch blow me on the mistletoe," he raps on the chorus.

In the video above, the Santa hat-rocking rapper chills with a handful of thick strippers. What more could you ask for on Christmas? "Shout-out to them stripping ass thick thots/As soon they can powder their nose/On the pole she know all types of tricks bruh/She will have you spending your dough/All the pimps try to knock her/But they never succeed/And i'm the type of cat that never drops her/Thats why she's coming home with me," he spits on the first verse.

As an additional gift, we also get Nef's new video for the G-Eazy-assisted track "Born Leader" below.

For the visual, the two rappers cross The Pond and show footage from a super lit show in London. They also take in the sights of the city.

Nef plans to drop his forthcoming album Big Change Theory in 2017. The project will be the follow-up to his debut self-titled album which came out in 2015.

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