Vince Staples appears on Power 106 Los Angeles to discuss a variety of topics, including video games, California sports teams and extreme couponing. When asked about Donald Trump, the 2015 XXL Freshman says the next U.S. president fairly won the election.

The 23-year-old MC says about Trump's victory, "It makes sense. They vote. People vote. If you vote, and somebody wins, that's what it's set up for. It's fair." Staples also says his grandma predicted the election outcome back in May. "My grandma told me he was gonna win a long time ago, on Mother's Day," he says. "She said 'You niggas is crazy if you think that lady gonna win.'"

The Long Beach native also compares Trump's election to Ronald Reagan's election win in the 1981, because they were both entertainment personalities prior to running for commander-in-chief (in Trump's case, a TV star and in Reagan's case, a movie star). Staples believes Trump's victory says something about American citizens. "It says less about him and more about us...because if you saying certain things, and people is agreeing with it, then I mean that’s how they feel," he says. "What you gonna do, pop him?"

Throughout the 30-minute interview, Staples also talks about video games, and how Logic hit him up and challenged him. He gives his opinion about various sports teams, especially Cali squads, and freestyles an entire children's book called "Llama Llama Red Pajama."

In other Vince-related news, watch him spit a new freestyle on Funk Flex's show about the Black Lives Matter movement. He flows, “If my black life matters, mothafucka stop the killin/If my black life matters, mothafucka stop snitchin’/If my black life matters, mothafucka start business/In your hood ‘stead of lettin’ fuckin’ Starbucks in it/If my black life matters then respect our women/If my black life matters don’t neglect our children/If my black life matters, if the police take my shit with a pistol/Don’t march, go kill ’em.”

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