Desiigner was routinely confused with Future during their early days of his career. A new animated video by MONTREALITY depicts a world where that is by design.

A comedic short, which you can view above, shows Kanye West stealing a lock of Future's hair to create Desiigner in a laboratory. This mad scientist version of Yeezy cooks up a formula, which looks exactly like Future's DS2 album cover, that results in the birth of Desiigner. Kanye quickly rushes his new creation over to the G.O.O.D. Music office and signs the "Panda" rapper.

The video is a fun look at the criticism of Desiigner biting Future's style. But according to a new interview, Desiigner's influences do not even come from hip-hop. The 2016 XXL Freshman told Pusha T the blues inspired his work.

“If anything, I would consider my grandfather. He’s a blues player,” Desiigner said. “I like the old soul—you know how it is, Pusha, that old soul. My grandfather, he went by the name Sidney 'Guitar Crusher' Selby; he formed that old soul, that old blues, that old rock that I put on my songs. He bluesed it out. And my pops, he was old-school, too; he played that old funk. I fell in love with that old style. You feel me?”

Desiigner has plenty of fans these days, but he still has a lot of critics. The Brooklyn rapper was loudly booed following his halftime performance at a recent Philadelphia 76ers game.

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