Are you short on cash and need a free ride on the New York City Subway? The Blue Hundreds has the solution, described in detail on his "Metrocard Song." The track sees the rapper laying out the steps to cheat the system and ride the subway for free.

“The racists got you feeling like a U.F.O/It's so expensive when you travel to and fro/I got me a trick/Well, more like a glitch/I'll getcha endless trips/Lemme tell you this shit/You find an empty Two-Trip MetroCard and bend it a bit/At the rear, a little near the edge of the strip/You swipe it once/You swipe it again/You unbend the card/And then you swipe it again/One more time, you gotta swipe it again/You got it my friend/It's dollars and sense/Now they might say/That you're evading the fare/But they’re raising the fare/I wouldn't say that they care/Don't be a hot boy with the shit my nigga/Stay in the clear/And I’ma do my dance and let you take it from here,” The Blue Hundreds raps.

If you are more of a visual learner, The Blue Hundreds has you covered. The rapper also posted a video on Instagram showing how to pull off this Metrocard scam. Watch him demonstrate how to get a free ride and listen to his entire "Metrocard Song" below. If you're appreciative of the life hack, you can purchase the song on iTunes.

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