In May, Funkmaster Flex made headlines when his comments about Tupac Shakur went viral. Now, during a recent interview with noted 'Pac fan, Vic Mensa, the DJ was asked to clarify his statements about the late artist.

When asked if he was offended by Flex's comments, Mensa reveals he hadn't heard exactly what the Hot 97 DJ said, but read a headline about it. "I never really delved too deep into it," Vic says. "Why don't you tell me what's wrong with Tupac."

Funk Flex said he liked 'Pac but was more of a fan of the Interscope Tupac as opposed to the Death Row Tupac. "To me, the Death Row 'Pac was a short time—two years," says Flex.

"I don't think Tupac was trying to be a gangster," he added. "I think he was willing to do whatever to get his music and what he believed in across. That's how it always seemed to me."

According to Flex, his issue with 'Pac developed with "the Biggie situation." "A situation happened at the studio... 'Pac is doing a song with the people he has a problem with. This is pre-Bad Boy. Meaning, 'I'm having a street issue with some guys I ran with. We were together and we're now separate, but I'm doing something with their artist [and] I'm going to carry this burner with me cause I know what it might be.'"

The DJ went on to say he was disappointed in how 'Pac placed blame on Biggie for the 1994 shooting at New York's Quad Recording Studios, which he claims went on to become the start of a campaign against Big. Flex also reassured Vic that his comments against 'Pac weren't out of hate, insisting he respects 'Pac as an artist.

In a May episode of his Hot 97 show, Funk Flex alleged Tupac shot himself during the 1994 shooting. “He knew who approached him," he said. "He had a steel on him, ’cause he knew he had a issue out there, and when get got there, they was just gonna take his jewelry. They didn’t even touch him. He panicked, pulled out the steel, shot himself.”

Check out the conversation between Vic Mensa and Funk Flex below.

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