Vic Mensa is doing his best to prepare fans for his next album, and he's continuing to keep us on our toes with music teases. The Chicago rapper was invited to perform at Wesleyan University's Spring Fling concert in Middletown, Conn. earlier this month, where he previewed a new track that was reportedly produced by Pharrell. You can watch the quick clip below.

Although he didn't confirm a title for the track, Mensa can be heard encouraging the student crowd to get involved in rapping the hook to the unreleased record, which starts off with the signature four-beat count that Williams is notoriously known for. Before going into the rest of the song, Mensa told the audience to yell out "Oh my goodness" after he spits a line on the song's mellow, repetitive hook.

"Pullin' up with the coupe/Must have done something with the roof/You sittin' lookin' stupid on the stoop/I would take notes if I were you," Vic raps over the upbeat instrumental.

From the looks of the crowd, fans are definitely feeling this potential banger from the Roc Nation artist.

We're not sure what we can expect on his upcoming album, but it looks like Vic will be continuing to fuse his love for rap and rock together to provide more anthems for his strong fan base.

Watch the footage from Vic Mensa's college performance below where he debuts his Pharrell collab.

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