Barack Obama ran on a campaign promising change throughout the U.S. before he was elected to President of the United States nine years ago, but it's a promise that Vic Mensa feels he wasn't able to keep. Speaking with TV and radio host Larry King during an episode of Larry King Now, Mensa offers his take on Obama's impact while he was in the White House—or lack thereof.

"I don't really believe so," says The Autobiography rapper after being asked if he felt represented by the beloved former president. "I live five, six blocks away from Barack Obama's home. So I watched my neighborhood not improve and my city not improve and my community not improve, maybe get worse in the time that Obama was in office. And I recognize that he's the president of the United States, but I don't think that Obama's agenda was very often to represent the people and do well by the people. I feel like he was often times very careful with what he said regarding race."

Just before asking Mensa about Obama, King asks the rapper if the ever-controversial President Trump is a disappointment. Mensa's answer? Pretty much.

"I think he's as expected," says Mensa, who also calls Trump a "bold-faced liar." "I would say that he's clearly in office for his personal gain and for his financial gain, and we don't know the full game yet, but there's a lot of nepotism going on." Mensa goes on to say he's resigned to the idea that people from his community won't be getting the "win" they hoped for on the big political stage.

Check out more of Mensa's conversation with King in the video below. Beneath that, you can listen to him discussing Justin Bieber, saying he supports the singer's sudden decision to cancel the rest of his Purpose world tour.

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