After his publicist issued various statements about the rapper suffering from "exhaustion" and having an "infected appendix," Bow Wow revealed the real reason for his recent hospitalization in a new interview with MTV. With stitches in his fingers, Bow Wow explained that his injuries occurred in his dressing room before a concert in Cincinnati, Ohio. When the rapper realized that certain props for his stage show were not at the venue, he reportedly threw a "tanturum," accidentally cutting his finger in the process. He then went on stage and performed his show. After losing a significant amount of blood from the wound during his performance, he passed out. "I fainted, went to the hospital, threw up and then they told me my white blood cells were higher than what they're supposed to be," Bow Wow told MTV. "They were looking at my appendix. I've always had stomach issues. I've always had stomach problems. But like I said, we're gonna see if it's that serious that I have to take that surgery. If that's what I gotta do, that's what I gotta do. The appendix is a life-threatening thing."

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