Ugly God didn't waste any time at the 2017 XXL Freshman show this year. He jumped right into his own diss song then continued to rock the crowd for the rest of his set. Two days later, he's provided an update to his upcoming The Booty Tape with news that XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God will no longer be featured on the project.

Ugly God's The Booty Tape has had its fair share of delays and alterations. He had his fans going wild when he gave them the artwork for the effort, complete with the impressive tracklist that features nearly all of his production and rising stars X and Ski on track 13, "Getoffmydick." In his Instagram post today, Ugly God explains that the three artists are all very tight but that the reason XXX and Ski Mask won't be on the project anymore is that "all three of us are doing so well right now and we are just doing our own things right now."

It's unclear whether that song will be entirely left off or if the song will only have Ugly God. Ugly God also used the opportunity to explain a little bit of the backend of the music industry, breaking down the process of having all of his music available on multiple streaming services at the same time. But none of this matters to "them old ass niggas" who don't understand his music regardless.

He does provide a silver lining, saying that he has some great music with other artists ready but just needs proper steps taken to release it: "I've made so much fire with Dex, Pump, Purp, Wintertime, Yachty, Ski, Wifi, and more! Like FIREEEE...but they didn't meet the deadline..."

As a result, The Booty Tape will mostly be a solo venture with few guest features. Towards the end of his note, Ugly God makes a notable observation regarding his longevity and goals in the hip-hop game: "You notice how the biggest of the biggest artists don't talk about that kind of stuff [jewelry]? And you see their longevity? I'm really aiming to be the biggest artist there ever was."

You can check out the Instagram post from Ugly God below and watch the rapper's 2017 XXL Freshman freestyle and interview.

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