A Los Angeles Superior Court judge this week informed attorneys representing Snoop Dogg and Priority Records that they have three weeks to settle a $2 million breach of contract lawsuit brought by the rapper against the record label. According to the Associated Press, Judge Helen I. Bendix issued the ruling after the two sides said they were close to a settlement, but still need more time. Snoop filed the suit in November of 2006 after, he claims, Priority failed to pay him a $950,000 advance for his 2000 album The Last Meal. The veteran rapper also claims that the label released his greatest hits album without his blessing. Priority has countered that Snoop waited to long to file the suit and has asked that it be tossed on those grounds. Judge Bendix has ordered both parties back to court on March 26 for a status report. Depending on what she hears during that hearing she may either schedule trial-setting conference or refer the case to the Superior Court's Alternative Dispute Resolution program.