U-God takes globe-trotting in his new video for "Epicenter," which features his fellow Wu-Tang Clan alums Raekwon and Inspectah Deck. Wu-Tang affiliate Jack Scotty Wotty also pulls up in the visual for a standout cut from U-God's newly released Venom album.

Taking place at various spots across the world, the "Epicenter" visual begins with U-God driving a motorcycle down a highway. A short time later, we see the rapper riding up and down some snow-covered mountains. Pretty surreal stuff going on there, and U-God definitely does his thing on the mic.

"The booth with the ground wire/Where I control my empire, thugs call me sire/To roam my kingdom, you must spit fire/Bars of fifty, what the crown requires," spits the rap veteran, who dropped his Bring Back God II mixtape a few months back.

For their part, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Wotty also pop up in some exotic spaces. Inspectah Deck spits in a war zone as a throwback-centric instrumental carries his vocals. Wotty spits in front of a martial arts temple in China as he references the Wu-Tang Clan's origins. Raekwon eventually ends up at the Eiffel Tower, before joining everyone else atop a mountain.

With a barrage of flashy visual effects and images of classic Wu-Tang Clan iconography, there's definitely a lot going on here—and all of it is pretty awesome.

Check out "Epicenter" for yourself below.

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