Tyler, the Creator is a fan of good music, period, and isn't shy to share his enthusiasm for any particularly song. Back in March, Tyler was recorded driving and wiling out to Kanye West and Desiigner's "Freestyle 4," a palpable zest that eventually manifested itself into a remix of the song. On Tuesday (June 21), Tyler's penchant for energetic covers was taken a step further as he posted a video of himself playing the electric guitar and dancing to Zayn's "Pillow Talk."

"I HAD NO ART TO GO ALONG WITH THIS SO I RECORDED MYSELF DANCING TO IT. THEY MIGHT TAKE THIS DOWN. MADE IN FEB," Tyler wrote when posting the clip to YouTube. Throughout the near-three minute video, Tyler is his typical animated self, moving and thrusting to the song, disappearing at times and returning with a lighter or Golf branded slides that just so happen to match his all yellow everything outfit.

Beyond Tyler's remixing skills, his performing chops are on display here as well, and LL Cool J, Chrissy Teigen and the people at Spike's Lip Sync Battle may do well to give the rapper a call, as his eclectic musical tastes and dramatic dancing would be a perfect fit for the show.

Watch Tyler's rendition and interpretation of the former One Direction members hit above, and as he notes, it might get yanked at any moment, though Zayn might be wise to enlist Tyler's help officially whether in remixing the track or collaborating in the future.

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