Late last night, Tyler, The Creator took to social media to unveil the latest t-shirt from his brand clothing line, Golf Wang. Taking into consideration the 2016 presidential election, Tyler creates a t-shirt that takes shots at the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. Dubbed as the "Adolf Trump" tee, this controversial t-shirt will have plenty of people talking and offers Tyler's perspective on the American entrepreneur.

Teased last night via Tyler's Instagram and later his Twitter account, the "Adolf Hitler" tee features a photo of the presidential hopeful smiling as he rocks the signature mustache of Adolf Hitler. Along with the graphic, the t-shirt reads the following: “President Of The United States - Donald J. Trump
2016-2020 We Fucked Up Golf.” As of now, Tyler has shown off two colorways of the controversial tee in an off-white and pink colorway.

While Tyler has only given folks a small preview of the shirt, it remains to be seen if the "Adolf Trump" tee features more than just the image ion the front chest. With multiple sources claiming that the tees will drop today at 5PM on the Golf Wang website, make sure to log onto Tyler's site if you're looking to get your hands on a tee.

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