Tyler The Creator has put his director's cap back on under the guise of his alter ego Wolf Haley. The rapper and producer brought his vision to life with a music video for his Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstein assisted track "Perfect" off Tyler's 2015 album Cherry Bomb.

The music video for "Perfect" is entirely done by split screen. The majority of the video sees Tyler The Creator and Kali Uchis side by side before Austin Feinstein begins to emerge in Tyler's side of the screen. By the end, Feinstein has taken over the entire side that Tyler once occupied. The one constant that remains is Kali Uchis.

Kali Uchis is singing in front of a pink background and surrounded by flowers. In a bizarre visual effect, some of the flowers even have human mouths. On the other side, Tyler The Creator is seen with a light blue background. And throughout the video, Tyler is covered by butterflies.

The "Perfect" video is another glimpse into the artistic mind of Tyler The Creator. Tyler's off the wall expressions have certainly endeared him to one of hip-hop's most powerful figures in Kanye West. The two have been working together a lot as of late as Kanye West preps his new album Waves.

Word of Tyler The Creator's involvement in the album was hinted at earlier this month and confirmed by Kanye West when Kanye thanked Tyler for a beat on Twitter last week.

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