After dropping off the "435" visual in May, Tyler, The Creator unleashes a fire freestyle over a yet another popular hip-hop track.

This afternoon (June 15), the Grammy-nominated rapper delivered "Crust in Their Eyes," a two-minute take on Kid Cudi and Kanye West 's Kids See Ghosts title track, with artwork by Matthieu Venot. On the freestyle, the "After the Storm" rhymer takes aim at those he doesn't consider are "woke enough" after Kanye delivers the track's usual chorus.

"Pro Black but this twink White/I'll sign if the ink right/Two cribs I can sleep twice/Niggas swear they woke but got crust in they eyes, they can't blink right," Tyler viciously spits. "These niggas fake confident and fake show how they feel/Then go home and big cry because that acne is real/Show them scars muthafucka, how you think they gon' heal up?/Scab ass niggas fucking up all the deals."

Upon the release of the cover, Tyler, The Creator tweeted out he created the song the same hour he heard it. "[Kan]Ye sent me that beat same night i also think his original verse on it is soooooooo fucking good i love his pocket on it and mighty mos sounds great on it ecstatic is a flawless album," he added.

Though an official remix to the track would be amazing, Tyler informed fans it's "not likely - cause im not tryna pay people a shitload of money for a 40 second verse ( trust its complicated)."

In other news, Tyler, The Creator is currently in planning mode for the 2018 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Though the lineup has yet to be revealed, the festival is already sold out, and will surely have some unforgettable headliners like the year prior.

While we await news of who will be gracing the Flog Gnaw stage, take a listen to "Crust In Their Eyes" below.

Matthieu Venot
Matthieu Venot

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