In late April, it was reported that Tyga was in danger of facing charges of possession of a prohibited species, when wildlife authorities were informed of the rapper's pet tiger. Tyga avoided the misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to six months in jail by moving the exotic animal to a private shelter, but now that shelter is claiming that Tyga doesn't pitch in either financially or physically to help take care of the beast.

Bobbi Brink, founder of Lions, Tigers & Bears, tells TMZ that Tyga hasn't made any effort to care for Maverick, his pet tiger, and the southern California non-profit is stuck relying on donations to cover the costs, which include $10,000 a year in food alone for the 500 pound cat. Additional costs include veterinary bills, flea control and general maintenance. What's more, the pet sanctuary feels they haven't even been properly thanked by Tyga, who dodged charges when law enforcement couldn't track the rapper down after he moved.

As evidenced by the gallery below, rappers are no stranger to the world of exotic animals, but posing for a photo or photo shoot and becoming a pet owner are two separate levels of responsibility. Tyga's 2013 album Hotel California featured a tiger on the cover, with some speculating that the animal was photoshopped in. Based on some of his past Instagram posts however, like the one included above, it does seem like Tyga has been hands-on with the tiger at some point, though as Lions, Tigers & Bears tells it, his attention for the pate has waned.

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