There's nothing quite like a little retail therapy to help mend a broken heart. In the wake of his break-up with Kyler Jenner, Tyga has said that their relationship overshadowed his talents and even posted a photo of the young Kardashian sister to Instagram writing, "They always come back.”

The status of their break-up or efforts to make-up is hard to pinpoint, but TMZ is reporting that the the Cali rapper just dropped $45,000 on a new Ben Baller created mouth piece that features 1,400 diamonds. It is the most expensive grill Baller has ever made suggesting Tyga either has a lot to smile about, or a lot to cover up. The above video shows the flashy new piece, which glistens at a constant and remarkable rate.

Since word of their split, Tyga has been spotted alongside model Demi Rose, as the two canoodled around Cannes during the French city's annual film festival. Jenner meanwhile appeared in PartyNextDoor's video for "Come and See Me" fueling rumors that she had traded in a rapping beau for one that sings.

What makes the new grill purchase all the more curious is that as recently as April, it was reported that Tyga's Lamborghini was in danger of being repossessed, begging the question, does Tyga have racks to blow or not?

Watch the video above as Tyga's dazzling new item is shown off, while just below is a gallery of photos showing Tyga and Kylie during happier times.

17 Photos of Tyga & Kylie Jenner When They Were Happy Together

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