Tyga's legal issues continue to pile up. The Fuk What They Talkin Bout rapper is being sued by the producer of his 2013 track, "Molly," off his third album, Hotel California. According to Bossipmusic producer/songwriter Desmond Mapp, also known as Dez Dynamic, filed suit against T-Raww and Universal Music Group last week in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. Per a 2012 deal with the West Coast rapper, Dez was to be paid an advance of $10,000, followed by 3.5 percent royalties from the song's sales. Mapp should have been paid $5,000 prior to laying the track and the remainder after it was completed. Mapp has stated that despite this deal and him doing his part, he never received a dime from Universal Music Group, who ended up using "Molly" as the lead single for Hotel California. 

Mapp was awarded judgment after filing suit against Tyga and UMG, which ordered the contract the parties signed to be void and called for Tyga to cease distributing the record. Despite him telling both T-Raww and Universal about the court order, Dynamite says the label has continued to sell the track online and in stores. Now, the producer is moving for an injunction barring UMG and Tyga from distributing the song and to pay the money that he is owed.

T-Raww is also facing suits from an old business partner over Tyga's Last Kings clothing line, a Las Vegas promoter over a breached contract and two different landlords for unpaid rent. He also owes his home state backed taxes.