How do you impress your 19-year-old girlfriend for her birthday when she has a growing net worth of $10 million? Flex like you got it like that too, obviously. At least that appears to be the approach Tyga has been taking in recent years with his on-and-off-again, now-on-again leading lady, Kylie Jenner. While his net worth has been reported to be between $4 and $6 million in 2015, this year, his financial status has taken a serious decline, one that the rapper seems to be simply ignoring.

From his collection of luxury cars to his custom grills and jewelry to his extravagant gift-giving, Tyga flosses like no other. The 26-year-old rapper once owned an illegal pet tiger (he since has found a new home for his former pet before being hit with fines and possible jail time), dropped an impressive penny on the interior of his store, Last Kings, invested in an adult film site and held an impressive $1.5 million deal with Reebok.

Once grossing $50,000 per live performance, the rapper was really putting in work, with his third album, Hotel California, selling 54,000 units its opening week. However, given the logistics of his cash flow and factoring in his unpaid bills (namely his extravagant back rent before being evicted), past due taxes, unsettled lawsuits and lack of a new best-selling album (The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty only sold 2,200 in its first week in 2015) Tyga’s financial situation may be more smoke and mirrors than ever before, with his recent purchase of a $200,000 Mercedes-Maybach being the pricey icing on a cake about to crumble.

While his past accomplishments as he rises into rap superstardom are undeniably impressive, Tyga’s net worth is now estimated to be about half of what it used to be and he’s still acting as if he has a bottomless bank account. With a $10,000 bench warrant recently out for his arrest, the money problems he’s been accumulating since first filing for bankruptcy in 2010 may only be growing as time goes on. Lucky for him, he just came to a settlement agreement with his landlord and won't go to jail.

We took at look at some of the high spender’s splurges (or leases) in recent years and live vicariously through him, stepping into his $120 L.A. Gear-collab sneakers and harnessing his blatant disregard for financial responsibility. If Tyga isn't really dropping dime on all these luxury items, perhaps his lady is footing the bill.

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