Lean has been one of the rap world's go-to drinks for quite a while now, but Ty Dolla $ign says its run has come to an end. He quipped as much in a very brief interview with TMZ.

In a video of the exchange, Ty Dolla is walking back to his whip as a TMZ reporter approaches him with a couple of questions. For the first one, the reporter asks him who smoked more in the studio: himself or Damian Marley, who he recently collabed with on "So Am I." Ty responds with a laugh and the claim that it was he, in fact, who smoked the most.

Next, a TMZ reporter asks him if rappers should give up lean, which is known to play a part in leading to seizures. "Lean is dead," Ty Dolla $ign says in the vid. "Nah, but like, do what you wanna do, you feel me? If it makes you feel good, do what you wanna do," he continues.

Now, TMZ doesn't mention anything about Lil Wayne in their questions to Ty Dolla $ign, but the rapper's consumption of lean and recent seizures might just bring the conversation surrounding the concoction back into the mainstream consciousness. Weezy denied that lean played any role in his seizures from last summer, but that thought will continually surface as long as he has seizures.

Watch Ty Dolla $ign's brief interaction with TMZ reporters just below.

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