Since first making a splash on the music scene, Ty Dolla $ign has always made it a priority to bring awareness to his brothers incarceration, going so far as to name his debut album Free TC. Ty just recently reissued a deluxe version of the album, and in accordance, has dropped the above documentary, which details the events leading up to and surrounding TC's imprisonment, and the steps Ty took to free his brother.

Directed by Daniel Kaufman, the documentary short is shot entirely in black and white, and features quotes from TC, who has appeared on such Ty Dolla $ign songs as "Miracle" and "In Too Deep." "In here, music connects me to my freedom," he says. "Watching my brother do his thing, it’s beautiful, it’s amazing. Like I said, he ain't never done nothing else." TC is currently in Calipatria State Prison serving 67 years to life for a 1st degree murder that Ty and his family don't believe he did.

The documentary includes interviews with Ty's family and illuminates the pain that has driven Ty to success thus far. "He was just my little brother," he says at the beginning of the doc, "We came up in LA. I ended up here, he ended up there." In the 12-minute video, Ty is seen recording a bulk of Free TC, with his collaborators joining in on the process of putting such raw and powerful emotion into the music.

Watch Ty Dolla $ign's Free TC documentary above.

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