Update (May 10, 3:54 p.m. EST):

Bow Wow has apparently responded to the controversy surrounding his private jet picture on Instagram. "Niggas so dumb. Nigga take an old picture to say where I was and wasnt who do that? Yall betta stop playing w me hahaha niggas is retarded," he wrote in comments on Instagram. "Catch me at teterboro tomorrow going back home. Half yall broke mafukkas still cant afford a buddy pass on spirit airlines. Stay out the big boy lane."

Original Story:

It seems like Bow Wow can never stay away from the wrath of social media, and he just came under fire for trying to flex on his followers. While posting a photo of a private jet to Instagram, which displayed a couple of luxury vehicles in front of it, the 30-year-old rapper wrote that he was traveling for the day to NYC for his Growing Up Hip Hop press run.

But soon enough, a Twitter user claimed Bow Wow was actually on a commercial flight. He proceeded to take a photo of the rapper sitting in his seat on the same flight as he was typing on his phone. The user also put the private jet post next to the photo of Bow Wow, giving social media access to roast him for the rest of the day.

To make matters even worse, one Twitter user discovered that the private jet picture the Underrated hitmaker used was apparently a stock photo taken from a Fort Lauderdale website that provides VIP transportation, including a screenshot of the page it was taken from.

This is far from the first time that social media has had a field day with roasting Shad Moss, as the rapper has a history of being the butt of jokes. Back in March, he threatened Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump by stating that he would "pimp your wife and make her work for us," which resulted in Twitter flaming him for the controversial comments.

See the responses from social media after Bow Wow pretended to fly a private jet below.

Twitter Roasts Bow Wow for Flying Commercial

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