Today (Jan. 5) Nicki Minaj set the world ablaze with her announcement that she and Meek Mill are no longer a couple. Fans had been speculating about the two rappers splitting up for about a month, but Nicki crystallized the rumors of a breakup with a few short sentences.

On early Thursday morning Nicki tweeted, “To confirm, yes I am single. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love u.”

Predictably, the Internet has exploded with commentary on Nicki's split from the Dreamchasers 4 rapper. Some people are overjoyed. Some people are disappointed. Others are probably just happy to have to get a few new memes out of the whole deal.

One Twitter user chose to shoot his shot, tweeting the infamous "HEY BIG HEAD" phrase at Nicki. Another user tweeted, "I've never seen another artist fall from grace as much as Meek Mill has the last two years." Ouch. One other user took the time to add perspective to the whole idea that Meek Mill's taken another "L" by being broken-up with, tweeting "Drake didn't end that man's career and breaking up with Nicki won't do shit either. Please stop it.

You can peep the whole spectrum of Twitter opinions on Nicki and Meek Mill's breakup in our gallery up top. Be warned: It's all absolutely hysterical.

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