G Herbo found himself trending on Twitter today (Feb. 9) for an unexpected reason. Twitter was abuzz when a picture of a G Herbo look-alike performing oral sex on another man spread across the social media platform. It was obviously not the Chicago rapper in the photo, but that did not stop many Twitter users from acting like it was.

Unfortunately, the picture led to a lot of homophobic reactions across social media. Many Twitter users quickly pointed out that the man was not G Herbo, but the damage had been done as the 2016 XXL Freshman became a trending topic.

G Herbo has not publicly responded to the situation at this time. There is not much to be said anyway since he is not the man in the explicit photo.

In less salacious news, G Herbo is working with his longtime collaborator Lil Bibby on a project called No Limitations. No release date has been announced, but the talented MC's independence provides him with the freedom to create such projects. During the 2016 XXL Freshman interviews, G Herbo spoke about the importance of staying independent.

"It’s important for me – I wouldn’t say anybody – to stay independent, because you have a core team that’s already working toward the same goal that a label would have," he said. "A label is not gonna push a artist as a artist. They gonna do what they can as a label but it gotta be the artist and his core team to know how you gonna build yoself as a brand. So you gotta already have that. If you have that within your team and you able to grow the way a label would help you grow, why do you need a label?

G Herbo and Lil Bibby recently offered up a preview of their joint project via a track called "Blackin Out." XXL will keep you posted on any updates regarding No Limitations.

Twitter Reacts to Explicit Photo of G Herbo Look-Alike

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