The man known for bringing brands like Been Trill and HBA to the forefront of fashion in hip-hop shocked several Hypebeasts last night when he dropped his video "Multiply."

In the track, A$AP Rocky takes shots at both Been Trill and HBA because he feels he hasn't gotten the props he deserves from both brands. Rocky, who has been seen rocking HBA threads had this to say about the brand, "HBA shit is weak, you can keep that."

As far as Been Trill goes, it was already well documented that Pretty Flacko had issues with the brand during his 2014 Cochella performance when he debuted the first verse of his new track "Multiply," "I ain't really fuckin' with that Been Trill / Swear them niggas booty like Tip Drill / Nah I ain't really into throwin' shots / But these muthafuckas better give me my props, word to Pac."

The Twitter world was quick to give their opinions on the streetwear brands, hypebeasts, and Rocky's influence on the culture of hip-hop and fashion.

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