Just hours after releasing his latest album, DAMNKendrick Lamar has inspired talk that he might just be better than Eminem. Actually, Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg played just as big a role in that conversation earlier this morning.

"Best rapper who's ever lived. There's not a person who can rap on planet earth better than Kendrick Lamar. Eminem can rap as well. Nas can rap as well," Rosenberg proclaimed to the world.

Predictably, Twitter has had a ton to say about the matter—specifically in regards to Slim Shady. Hot 97 personality Scottie Beam helped spark more of the convo, but people are torn. On one hand, theres Em, who took over the game with his superior rhyme schemes and undeniable crossover appeal. On the other, it's K. Dot, possibly the most critically acclaimed rapper hip-hop has ever seen. Twitter is torn on the matter.

"Kendrick Lamar has stolen 2017, but Eminem is about to reclaim his throne #Damn," said one Twitter user. "Kendrick is a great artist but his music has no replay value. Right up there with Eminem in that sense. I know the truth hurts," wrote another. Others were less optimistic about 'Em's chances of keeping his throne.

"Eminem and Kendrick isn't a debate until Kendrick drops 4 trash albums," wrote another Twitter user, seemingly implying the Detroit MC was never that good in the first place. Another user said, "Kendrick Lamar vs. Eminem ...Kendrick wins. Already."

So what's the verdict? We'll never get a consensus, but you can see what Twitter had to say about the subject in our galler below. Just above that, you can peep the Rosenberg comment that started it all.

Twitter Debates Whether Kendrick Lamar Is Better Than Eminem


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